Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today Elizabeth had her birthday party. It was more-or-less based on the book, "Pinkalicious." We had Elizabeth's friend Elijah over, with his whole family. His mom had their twins two weeks ago, so they came to our house for the first time tonight.
Our Pinkalicious dinner menu was this:
Pink rice
biscuits with raspberry jam
BBQ chicken
totally green salad to keep us all from turning pink! (If you've read the book, then you would know that the only thing to turn you from pink to normal is green veggies. So our salad was lettuce, cucumber, celery and avocado.)
Check out our rock star! We each had a pair of spiffy sunglasses, and Maddie is wearing Ryan's.

The pink cupcakes, with pink frosting, topped with a pink strawberry milkshake Whopper.

And Elizabeth finally got her pink cake.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Another Day

Annie woke up.
Discover Emma got out of bed sometime last night to sleep on the couch.
Get Emma breakfast.
Feed Annie.
Get Elizabeth breakfast.
Feed Maddie.
Get Emma off to school.
Change babies diapers.
Get myself some cereal.
Put dirty dishes into dishwasher.
Play with babies and Elizabeth.
Put twins down for a nap.
Color at the table with Elizabeth.
Watch SuperWhy.
Hold Elizabeth on the couch and "rest my eyes."
Wish Elizabeth could just hold still for 3 seconds together.
Annie wakes up.
Make bottles.
Feed Annie.
Wish Elizabeth could just sit still for a minute and not pester the baby while I am feeding her.
Get covered in spit up.
Get Annie to laugh.
Wake Maddie and feed her.
Change diapers and baby clothes.
Tell Elizabeth to go get dressed. No luck.
Put Annie in saucer and Maddie in bouncer.
Sing songs with Elizabeth.
Put Maddie in saucer and Annie in bouncer.
Find box of 6-9 month clothes.
Pull out old clothes from dresser.
Put in new clothes.
Decide that we need more seasonally appropriate clothes in this size. Winter clothes just isn't going to work.
Find pillaged diaper bag and empty fruit snack wrapper.
Put twins down for a nap.
Make lunch.
Eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
Tell Elizabeth to finish her sandwich.
Take the jelly beans away from Elizabeth. (how did she reach those??)
Find toilet paper soup in the toilet.
Fix toilet.
Find Elizabeth IN the refrigerator.
Tell Elizabeth to get out of the refrigerator.
Pull Elizabeth from the refrigerator.
Do a load of laundry.
Take the half eaten yogurt away from Elizabeth. (she hasn't finished her sandwich yet, which I told her to do before she had yogurt.)
Check email.
Write on the blog.
Wonder what Elizabeth is doing now.
Wish the parent of that wild child would come pick her up. Oh wait. It's me. Sigh.