Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How a 4-year-old brain works

Yesterday Elizabeth didn't take a nap when I put her down after lunch. She does this every once in a while. I guess it has been happening with an ever increasing tendency. So, later in the afternoon we did a little shopping at Walmart for a few things. On the way home, Elizabeth will often fall asleep in the car and take just enough nap to make it until bedtime. And we were hoping for this. However, Emma was on a roll and was talking and talking and talking. We tried to ask her to keep her voice down, maybe listen to the wind, please be quiet for your sister, etc. etc. It was not working. Finally I blurted, "Just be quiet!!" And Emma jumped to the logical conclusion of, "You don't like my voice??!?!?!" and proceeded to burst into tears. This was obviously not working. How can I reason with that kind of logic? I back-tracked with, "no, no, I love your voice, we just need quiet so Elizabeth can sleep." But it just didn't pacify her. Howling, moaning, whining; and that doesn't even describe Elizabeth at this point. So we got home and unloaded all us grumpy folk, and settled in for a long evening. But I will say that I do love 7:30 bedtimes.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Emma goes back to school

After staying home from school for a couple days due to a high fever and the stomach flu, Emma finally went back to school. Elizabeth came down with a fever Monday morning, and Emma did Monday afternoon. Elizabeth took a 3 hour nap!!!!! Monday, and Emma crashed out on the couch, with her head on my lap. That really never happens. It was very peaceful in our house. Tuesday we ran a movie marathon, since the girls did not move off the couch the entire day. If they needed to be moved, Mommy had to physically pick them up and move them. Wednesday was pretty much the same, only we added the stomach flu to the mix. All I can say is, thank heaven for our carpet shampoo-er with upholstry attachment. I was worried that Tylanol stains couldn't be removed. But now I know that with a good deal of elbow grease, they can be. Hooray! And what I want to know is, why in the world do they color children's medicine so much? I can't think it makes it look anymore appealing. Either the child likes it, or not. But if the child does not like it, then you have one very colorful mess on your hands. And clothes. And perhaps your furniture too.