Favorite Posts

Baking With Elizabeth- What happens when you bake banana bread with a 2-year-old

Kitchen Explosions- Ryan tries to cook

Deep Thoughts- Humor from Sunday School

Just Another Day- Being a mom of twin 5-month-olds, plus a 3 and 5 year old is exhausting

Mess of the Day- twins have super powers

Ugly Face Day- What I do to keep the kids amused

Mothers Unite- Union for moms?

Bathing Suit Hunt- ugh, must I?

Sad But True- I was mistaken for a teenager by teen aged boys

For (N)ever and Always- My 9-year wedding anniversary

The Red Eye- Kindergartner don't like automatic flushing toilets, so why install them at school?

*laughs*- Well, if you really feel that way...

Manic Monday- if all Mondays were like this, I'd never get out of bed!

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