Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Red Eye

Elizabeth's school has automatic flushing toilets. I'm sure in the long run this is a good idea, since kids are notorious for not flushing. For certain members of my family, the automatic flushing toilets in an elementary school are simply the Worst Idea Ever.

At the end of the first day of kindergarten, I received an email from Elizabeth's teacher. She said that Elizabeth was afraid of the toilet there and refused to go in, even with a sticky note on the sensor.

The next day of school I got a babysitter for my other 3 kids and took Elizabeth to school. We walked inside the building and dropped off her coat and backpack in her classroom. Then we entered the Forbidding Realm of the Red Eye.

I tried to show Elizabeth how to cover the red sensor with a piece of toilet paper, and then it wouldn't flush while she was sitting down. She flatly refused to even get near the toilet. We said a little prayer, I offered to hold her hand, I told her I knew she was a big girl and could do this, etc.

She wasn't having it. Anything to do with that toilet was bad.

I asked her why. Her reason? The red light was an eye and someone was watching her. Even with the toilet paper over it, she just knew someone was watching her bum. Like our video recorder at home.

That IS creepy. If that were the case, I wouldn't get near it either.

We talked about it some more, how it was absolutely NOT recording her, and it wasn't so big that she would fall in, etc. etc. She is very imaginative when it comes to reasons to not use the toilet.

I finally had to pick Elizabeth up and put her on the toilet. And it didn't eat her up or anything. The deed done, we walked back to her classroom. I hoped that once she used the toilet, with the bribe of ice cream when she came home, would do the trick and maybe she could move on.

Unfortunately, no. I got another email from her teacher saying she hadn't gone again that day. The following day, the same thing. But the following day I got an email saying that her teacher had asked Elizabeth's preschool teacher to take Elizabeth during to the restroom during her break. Poor woman, but oh so sweet of her. That went on for a couple of days, while I encouraged Elizabeth from this end that if she could go alone, there would be brownies.

Finally one day this week, Elizabeth got off her bus and yelled for the whole neighborhood to hear, "Mom! I went potty in the electric toilet ALL BY MYSELF! Can I have a brownie?"

You bet, Elizabeth.


Megan said...

My daughter is TERRIFIED of the automatic toilets too! I have to cover up the "red eye" while she goes, otherwise she'd never sit down. I can't imagine if she had to go by herself - oof. Next year at kindergarten might be a challenge.

Heidi E said...

That is way too funny!! Glad she got the courage.

Ellerbeck Family News said...

They put a toilet like that at work-They didn't tell us-the Physical therapist (woman) was very suprised the first time and came out and told us-she was very suprised!!!!
love Aunt Jeanne

Tasha said...

I told Carl this story, and he informed me as to how much he hates them too! He covers up the sensor. I personally hate when the go off while sitting on it too.

Natalie said...

The idea of it being a recording device is so funny to me. It makes perfect sense--looks just like the light on the video recorder!! That Elizabeth--she's a smart one. I had to laugh at the thought of someone recording my giant bum getting closer and closer as I sat on the toilet. It is giving me the gigs!

Bingham Family said...

I laughed so hard! Good story!

Becky said...

HA- I hate the auto flush toilets at the schools! There is one at Lillian's pre-school which is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Lillian has been having a HUGE accident problem since the move so on the first day I made a point of taking her in and getting her familiar with the new toilet at her school. I think my plan backfired because it flushed automatically to her terror and I really doubt she will ever use that toilet again. School is only three hours- can she hold it that long every day? The first day she was in a dress, so her little dribbles didn't show. The second day she was having a VERY bad day at home so I put her in a pull-up, hoping the teachers wouldn't notice. We haven't gotten to the third day yet - - what should I do?? I pray she will not get kicked out of pre-school like Cynthia did in the Pre-K class in Sunnyside. We have no Head Start option this time. I have been trying to bribe her . . .