Monday, September 27, 2010

Double Trouble

The next time someone tells me that they always wanted/want twins, I will offer to let them take mine to the store.  That should enlighten them on the real joys of having twin toddlers.

Well, actually I will probably just laugh in their face first.  You do realize that children are not just dolls you can dress up, right?

So that mom you see at the store with the screaming kids and the frazzled look on her face?  That was me this morning.  I just had to run into Walmart and get a couple of things.  Not to mention this is a way to waste a half hour of the morning.  Maddie was the clingy one today, so I put her in the seat part of the shopping cart, and Annie in the basket area.  That lasted until we got into the store, when Maddie wanted to be in the basket.  Then Annie wanted to get down and walk.  Maddie wanted back in the seat.  Annie wanted in the seat.  Maddie wanted to walk.  Maddie wanted to be held by mommy.  Annie was grabbing things off the shelves, so back into the cart she went.  Maddie wanted back into the cart, but as soon as her bum touched the cart, she wanted back out. 

Over.  And over.  And over.



Grabbing and throwing.

Have I mentioned we haven't been feeling our best?  But I think we are finally mostly over the stomach flu after it swept its way through the whole family this past week or more.  Finally.

Got up to the front to check out and the twins fought over who got to put our 3 items on the conveyor belt.  The checker put everything in one bag and then gave it to Maddie and not me.

Guess who started screaming, "MINE!"?

No, not me.  It was little miss scowl-faced Annie.

More crying.

Then I had to wrestle them into their car seats.  You would never guess those angelic faces can be so strong when they put their minds to it.  Screaming, arched backs and flailing limbs were used as mommy-deterrents. 

Only 368 minutes 'til Daddy gets home.

Only 4 more years until kindergarten.

Will I make it that long?


Natalie said...

I love the "you realize they are not just dolls you get to dress up" part!! Priceless!!

Bingham Family said...

Your "real life stories" are just so funny. The reason being: It happens to all of us but you're just happy it's not you at that moment.