Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Worm

I picked Emma up from SEEK today, which is our after school science enrichment for the Gifted and Talented bunch.  Once we greeted each other, and got our seat belts on, Emma promptly opened her book and ignored me the rest of the way home. 
She didn't even notice when I got my phone out at a stop light to take a picture.  Her friend Kaylee had given Emma a book to borrow, which she finished by bedtime.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take Your Poultry To Work Day

Today I got a picture message from Ryan.  It said, "Me and turkey selfie."
It was a group message, which also went to Ryan's CTE director and principal.  Holly, the CTE director wrote back, "That's hilarious," to which I responded, "I think the fact you used the word 'selfie' is even more hilarious."  Because, truly, I think that is the first time Ryan used that word.

Anyway, yesterday Ryan took several of our hens (no roosters) to his Animal Science class, and today was turkey day.  Ryan came home with a funny story about one of his students confusing the term for male turkey and male chicken (not rooster).  Ryan was taken aback until he figured the student was not referencing what he thought at first.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.

Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate and have been thankful for my washing machine every. single. time. I use it.  I'm glad I have it.  I'm glad it (mostly) works.  But lately, it's been a wee bit temperamental.  Like say you want to do a full load- it "walks."  You try to wash blankets because they've been puked on?  You'd swear the thing was trying to leave the house.  

We bought the washer and dryer set back when we first arrived in town, fresh out of college.  We were actually going to live in a house (happy squeal!) with the capacity to do our own laundry in our own place.  Thanks to the generous gift from Ryan's grandparents, we were able to buy our washer and dryer- the cheapest we could find with a decent capacity.

And how we have used them.  

But it was time to move on.  We went appliance shopping yesterday with all of the President's Day sales.  We've been impressed with Lowe's in the past, but figured we would make sure it was the best deal.

We ended up going with Sears.  AND they would deliver for free the next day.

So I said goodbye to my old friend.
 Swept the floor.
 Then said hello to my new friend.

It's one of those High Efficiency top-loader models.  I like the way the front loaders look, but I've heard they have some issues.  Mildew and not being able to add another "garment" after it has started are not selling points for me.  I have to say, though, this thing looks like it belongs on the Jetsons.  In fact, I think if the kids climbed in, it might take us for a ride into space.  (hehehe)
With the clear top, we have been totally enthralled watching it wash our clothes.  It hold so much more, and I am so glad.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Preschool Loving

This morning during breakfast, I pulled up Facebook to read while I ate.  This little gem greeted me:

"Conversation with my 4 year old son, in the bathroom of all places. (Names have been removed to protect the innocent): 

Son - "You know what, Dad?"
Dad - "What?"
Son - "I love 'A' and 'M'. And 'A' loves me."
Dad - "You love both of them and only 'A' loves you back?
Son - "Yes."
Dad - "And what does that mean?"
Son - "That 'A' is Choosing The Right."

('A' and 'M' are girls his age and are also sisters)"

As Annie and Maddie are in his son's preschool class, I had this sneaking suspicion they were discussing my little girls, so I passed the computer over to Ryan for him to peruse.  Ryan wanted to know if I thought it was serious, and if he needed to scare Jaxon.  I said I think Jaxon is ok.  For now.

I guess there was a lot of "loving" discussions going on at preschool last week, with it being Valentine's Day.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014


For Valentine's Day, Ryan and I got to go to the temple for the first time in ages.  It's kind of an expensive babysitting trip, so it doesn't happen as often as I would like.  Afterwards, Ryan and I took a quick detour to Costco.  Ryan bought me some chocolates while we were there.
 I love these.

Saturday we went for dinner at my in-laws.  It was a spur of the moment thing, but we were able to see most of the cousins.  Caitlin brought her left-over Valentine's roses and made bouquets for all of us ladies.  This is the one I brought home:

I had to tease Ryan a little that his sister gave me roses for Valentine's Day.

And then I just had to share this lovely Puritan Valentine I found online.

Good Night Kisses

I think it all started when we taught Annie how to give Butterfly Kisses.  Now when it is bed time, and I am tucking her in bed, Annie looks at me and says, "I'm going to give you my Special Kisses."  She proceeds to give me a Butterfly Kiss, an Eskimo Kiss (rub noses), a Pig Kiss (snort on my cheek), and then she will make up any number of other "kisses," usually blowing somewhere on my face.  She always names them, although after she came up with the Pig Kiss, the names are usually gibberish ("The Googookashalsha Kiss").

Maddie has taken up the tradition.  By the time I turn off their bedroom light, I've had at least 10 different kinds of kisses, each new one named.  

In their creativity, I have had to draw the line at licking ("Dog Kiss") and slobber of any kind.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Snow

This morning as I was getting ready to take a shower, I got a text from Primary President Laura asking me to call the senior primary teachers to see how many could get out of their driveways and attend church, while she called the junior primary ones.  As it turns out, not many.  Laura herself also thought it would be best to "hunker down" and enjoy conference talks at home.  The bishopric thought the 6-10 inches of snow (depending on where you lived) wasn't bad enough to cancel church, but we were not going to be staffed well enough for Sunday School and the rest.  So, those who braved the roads could enjoy a shortened meeting of only Sacrament Meeting.  It was a really nice meeting, rather more informal than usual for those of us who went. 

The previous owners of our house were in town for work, and wanted to drop by and say hi.  I actually think it was code for, "We want to see how you are treating our old house."  So, we made sure the breakfast dishes were in the dishwasher, the laundry wasn't visible, the winter gear was stashed, and confirmed we looked mostly presentable.  

After the visit, we got dressed up in our winter get-up, and Ryan hitched up our plastic sled to the back of his pick-up.  Then we drove next door to the alfalfa field (our neighbor said it was all right), and we took the kids sledding!

 The ride was a bit bumpier than Friday's sledding.  The alfalfa field is a long ways from smooth.
I'm posting this picture mostly because it shows my snow boots.  I've had these babies since I was... 14? maybe 15 years old.  They are also a green version of Ryan's snow boots (you can kind of see them in the picture of Ryan in this post), also purchased at about the same time period.  This is how we know that Ryan and I are Meant To Be.  How else would you explain that?  (PS I am tucking my cell phone into my back pocket.  I don't usually walk with my hand back there.  And Ryan only takes the best pictures of me....)

Friday, February 7, 2014


This winter has been uber pathetic.  It's been cold and dreary, without the sunshine this area is noted for.  (Where exactly have those 300 days of sunshine a year been??)  So, when winter finally decided to give us a decent snow storm, we were thrilled.  Even though the temperatures were hovering in the upper teens.

After school, we bundled everyone up in their layers of snow gear (minus snow boots for Emma- silly girl grew out of hers... again), and we drove to the temple president's house.  We frequently take evening walks at the 1/4 mile track around their front yard, and they have said that when we finally get a snow storm, they would let us borrow their ATV to drag the kids on sleds.  (When you don't have hills, you have to get creative.)  They made their point of us needing to come use their yard for sledding at least once a month at church, that we decided it would be positively rude of us not to take them up on their offer. :)

We took along our plastic sleds, but ended up using these awesome, brand-new sleds they provided instead.
 First we had all the kids pile onto the two sleds, and then they each had a turn by themselves.
The kids loved it.

After a while, Ryan needed a turn on a sled, so it was my turn to get into the driver's seat.  Wheeeeee!

We spent an hour outside.  At that point, I noticed the kids' cheeks were getting beyond red into dangerous white territory, so we had to go home for hot chocolate and dinner.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Some days you need a science experiment that will have results that will happen within the same 24 hour period, instead of waiting.... and waiting... and waiting...  Luckily, I found this kid-friendly science experiment that uses Epsom salts, and grows needle-like crystals in about 3 hours.  I added some food coloring, and we got this:
We also did this nifty experiment. (Please ignore my messy kitchen.)

It was really cool to watch the current in the milk from nothing more than adding one drop of Dawn dish soap.

And that is how we get through a Teacher Improvement Day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Blessing, or Super Bowl Sunday

 Yesterday we drove to the Spokane area for Charlotte's baby blessing.  So, in other words, we sat in the car for 3 hours, sat through church, and then drove the 3 hours home.  It was a bit of a long day, but the kids were (over all) troopers about it.

It was too cold and snowy for an outdoor family picture, so we got one (or several) in the foyer.
I got to hold Charlotte.  Must get that baby fix. :)
We were invited to Michael and Blair's after sacrament meeting.  Most of Ryan's family left after church, so it was just us and Blair's mom and dad at the apartment.  The girls had to each hold Charlotte.  
Ryan might have needed a turn too.
Around 4 pm we figured it was time to head home.  We listened to our audio book for a couple of hours before turning on the Super Bowl AM radio station.  As it was the Seahawks playing, we decided we cared a little about the football game.  We listened to almost the whole 4th quarter, so we got to listen to the Seahawks win!

Student of the Month

As our family was battling the flu last week, Emma missed some school.  So, I was a little surprised this morning to get a phone call from Emma's teacher this morning.  Emma was chosen to be Student of the Month, but she hadn't been there to get the paper last Thursday (Friday being no school for teacher development day).  There was going to be the Student of the Month assembly at 2:30, in case I would like to be there.  I asked if Mrs. V wanted me to tell Emma, or keep it a secret, and it was decided to surprise Emma.

Emma was very curious about this exchange.  But I refused to give the real reason for the phone call.

Ryan (who got a sub for the last 10 minutes of school), the twins, and I were waiting at the school when Emma arrived for the assembly.  The secret was revealed, and she laughed and rolled her eyes.

The principal and Emma.
 All of the 5th grade Students of the Month.

That's my girl.