Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The other night Emma was not in a hurry to go to bed.  (Ok, that's how she is most nights.)  She kept having one more thing to do.  And each time, she would say to her dad, "Just a sec."

Dad- Please go get your pjs on.

Emma- Just a sec, I need to go use the bathroom first.

Dad- It's time to brush your teeth.

Emma- Just a sec!  I need to put my books away in my backpack.

Dad- It's time for prayers.  Let's go to your room.

Emma- Dad!  I'm still brushing my teeth!  Just a sec!


Mommy (giggles)- Do you realize what you just said?

(Say Ryan's last sentance out loud.  You'll get it.)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Annie and Maddie are showing some interest in the bathroom.  I should feel very happy about it.  I should.  What I feel is more like terror.  Potty training twins?  Yikes.

So the other night I took Emma and Elizabeth with me to go pick up our babysitter.  (Our once a month date was early in the month!)  Upon my return, Ryan informed me that the twins wanted to try using the toilet.  Ryan tried to put Maddie on the toilet without the little Sesame Street insert.  She didn't go for it.  Ryan dug out the insert for Annie from under the sink, and she happily perched up there.  And she tinkled. :o)

The toilet insert was removed from the toilet and placed on the floor.

Later it was bath time.  Once the twins were washed, they were wrapped in towels and we started to head down to get diapers and pjs.  When we came back to the bathroom for brushing teeth, we noticed a puddle on the floor.  A yellow one.  Right under the Sesame Street insert. 

Maddie got out of the tub first.  I'm guessing she figured out the insert.

Another milestone reached together.