Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Impromptu Rules

Growing up, you always hear rules. Don't put your shoes on the couch. Don't slurp your soup. Say thank you. Don't talk with your mouth full. All these, and many more, I fully expected to pass on to my own children. But I find myself making up rules as we go, sometimes on a daily basis. Ones you wouldn't normally hear. Today, for example, Ryan and I came up with these: #1 No naked dolls at the table (mine). And #2, don't sing at the store (Ryan's).
#1 happened during dinner. There was a Barbie on the window sill next to our table. During dinner, Elizabeth stripped off Barbie's clothes and had her dancing on the table. I decided this wasn't ok, and I didn't want to happen again. Hence, the rule.
#2 was thought up at Walmart. We had to go grocery shopping in anticipation of company. Emma learned at new (very annoying) song today at preschool and was singing it loudly over and over and over and over, ad nauseum. To get her to stop, Ryan made up rule #2. Didn't work very long, but bought 2 minutes relief.
Some other memorable rules we've made up lately are:
1 Don't lick your toes
2 Barbies don't swim (their heads get full of water and can't play again later, so we made up this rule)
3 Don't wear bathing suits outside in April
4 Don't wear princess dresses to church or preschool
5 Don't spit on your sister
6 Don't pour cereal on the floor
7 Don't put balloons on the hot stove
I know there are many more, but I can only remember these. Sometimes it feels completely ludicrous that I even have to say some of these things out loud. I mean, where is their common sense? And then I realize, they don't have any. Parents have to teach it, and apparently, it's a very long process.
I am curious, what are some rules you guys have had to make up?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mess of the Day

Be warned, this post is rated PG (pretty gross).
After lunch this afternoon, Elizabeth and Emma got down from the table and went their separate ways to play. Elizabeth ran down the hall, and locked herself in the computer room. (The handle is kind of stiff) I clear the table and start to hear retching noises coming from down the hall. I race down and look in the girls room, where I assumed she was, but she wasn't there. I called out her name and when I heard more noises coming from the computer room, I opened the door. Elizabeth was standing there with her diaper attached only on one side, and it was down around her ankles. She always retches when she sees poop. We don't know why. Without bothering to look at the room, I took Elizabeth by the hand, holding her dress up with the other, and marched her over to the wet wipes. I cleaned her legs and bum, put a new diaper on and took her to bed for a nap. That's when Ryan came home. I informed he has impeccable timing and that he always misses the disasters.
I then went back to the computer room to collect the messy diaper. There were only smears in the diaper. The actual mess was MIA. I opened the door further and saw the (sorry to be graphic) poop on top of Emma's Barbie ballet necklace. Then I realize that I've put my bare foot into a smaller poop plop. That's when I start retching. I've done so well this pregnancy. So far I've been able to deal with life and small children without losing it. I almost, so very close, lost it here. If Ryan hadn't been home..., well, I'll leave it to your imagination. So my very gallant hero came riding to my rescue. I'm standing in the hall, willing myself to calm down and breathe. Ryan gets down on his knees and wipes off my foot. We've really reached a new level of our relationship, I guess. And then my very wonderful husband cleans the mess off the floor and the bottom of the door, while I am in the living room praying lunch stays where it belongs. Ryan does tell Emma that her necklace is ruined and we have to throw it away. If he were a mom, he would have quietly thrown it away and Emma probably would never have noticed. But he informed her of the misfortune, and she got hysterical.
I was forced to recant my statement that Ryan misses all the adventures in our house. He came home just in time to save me. And for that, I am truly thankful.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Today is Elizabeth's 3rd birthday. Here are some pictures for grandparents who were unable to join us today. She said she had a great day and loved talking on the phone to all of you. The girls were making Mickey Mouse ears with the balloons this morning. And making their hair stand up from all the static.
A Happy Meal Lunch, just mom and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth didn't want to look at the camera from this point on. We don't know why. Maybe she just wanted to live in the moment. The Lego Legacy continues.... I used to play Legos with my dad.

Some of the critters we made with the Legos.

Elizabeth chose macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for her birthday dinner. It sure is easy to please her palate.
This is Elizabeth's cake. She picked out the "Funfetti" cake with matching frosting. Except she called the sprinkles, "Sparkles."
Taking it one bite at a time.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

What the....?

See if you can figure out what this picture means. Good luck!
This is the ultrasound picture that was taken today. Big news, right?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I took Emma shopping. She's been growing so much and the weather is getting warmer. I got out last year's summer clothing, only to be disappointed. She didn't fit in any of the old shirts. Rats. She had a grand total of 3 t-shirts that fit. She is such a warm-blooded creature (clearly gets that from her father) that she won't wear long sleeves anymore. So we drove a half hour to get to Old Navy and Shopko. We ended up not going to Shopko. I was shopped out after Old Navy. Emma grabbed about 10 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts, and headed to the fitting rooms, with her mom faithfully trotting behind her. With some help, she tried on every single item; even ones that were essentially the same, minus the color. And she loved every single one, except for the pair of shorts that did not stay on. She wanted to take every item of clothing home with her. I told her to narrow it down to 3 shirts and a pair of shorts. Can't deprive Old Navy of all their size 5's at once. She got very dramatic, saying how she loved them all, and how she'd miss them if she couldn't take them home. Honestly, how did I get this daughter? I like shopping to a certain extent, but this was over the top for me. We were in that fitting room for quite a while, during which time every shirt and pair of shorts was examined again. After promising to take Emma to McDonalds for dinner (which incidentally I was going to do anyway), she finally narrowed it down. Whew! As we walked away from the fitting rooms, Emma was examining other clothing, pointing out which swimsuits were not modest. At least that's sticking. Then we went over to the mall, to look at maternity stuff. I don't have summer stuff for "big tummies" to quote Emma. I ended up buying a swimsuit, mostly because I wanted one before my size ran out. I didn't get anything else, because I don't want to think about it yet. Soon, I'll be forced to face it. And then we went to dinner at McDonalds. It's that Oldies-themed one by the mall. I got Emma the Happy Meal, since it was princess themed. And we'd get to share a drink that way. French fries are still not appetizing to me. Emma did eat her whole dinner (amazing), all the while waving her Jasmine headband around. And then she chattered all the way home.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our 1st Trip to the ER

Ok, so when you consider how many black eyes and scrapes and other mishaps that Elizabeth has had, it is truly amazing we've made it this long without a trip to the ER. She can be such an active, rough and tumble kid, after all. And sometimes accident prone.
So here's the story: Wednesday we thought it was time to bunk the girl's twin beds. (You think you know where this is going? Guess again.) The mattress on Emma's bed was layered on top of Elizabeth's bed while Ryan put the pieces together. This made the bed about the same height as the railing. After a while, Elizabeth was put on her bed to get her out of the way. And then when no one was paying attention, she started jumping on her bed. Ker-splat! Her chin met the hardwood floor full on. There was blood and tears and wailing.
Ryan took her to the ER. It was late afternoon, and our doctor office is nearly impossible to get into on the same day. She was the biggest trooper. Once at the ER, she didn't even cry. She held very still, looked where the doctor told her to look, and thanked the doctor for making her feel better when they left. They told Ryan she was the bravest kid they'd ever had. She even asked her dad for a blessing while they were waiting in their room. She's not even 3 yet! Please try to ignore the food on her face. She is very sensitive lately about anyone touching her face.
And here is a look at all 5 stitches. She gets them out tomorrow. She hasn't had a bath during this time, and it's kind of gross. We've had to make due with wet washcloth wipe-downs.