Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I took Emma shopping. She's been growing so much and the weather is getting warmer. I got out last year's summer clothing, only to be disappointed. She didn't fit in any of the old shirts. Rats. She had a grand total of 3 t-shirts that fit. She is such a warm-blooded creature (clearly gets that from her father) that she won't wear long sleeves anymore. So we drove a half hour to get to Old Navy and Shopko. We ended up not going to Shopko. I was shopped out after Old Navy. Emma grabbed about 10 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts, and headed to the fitting rooms, with her mom faithfully trotting behind her. With some help, she tried on every single item; even ones that were essentially the same, minus the color. And she loved every single one, except for the pair of shorts that did not stay on. She wanted to take every item of clothing home with her. I told her to narrow it down to 3 shirts and a pair of shorts. Can't deprive Old Navy of all their size 5's at once. She got very dramatic, saying how she loved them all, and how she'd miss them if she couldn't take them home. Honestly, how did I get this daughter? I like shopping to a certain extent, but this was over the top for me. We were in that fitting room for quite a while, during which time every shirt and pair of shorts was examined again. After promising to take Emma to McDonalds for dinner (which incidentally I was going to do anyway), she finally narrowed it down. Whew! As we walked away from the fitting rooms, Emma was examining other clothing, pointing out which swimsuits were not modest. At least that's sticking. Then we went over to the mall, to look at maternity stuff. I don't have summer stuff for "big tummies" to quote Emma. I ended up buying a swimsuit, mostly because I wanted one before my size ran out. I didn't get anything else, because I don't want to think about it yet. Soon, I'll be forced to face it. And then we went to dinner at McDonalds. It's that Oldies-themed one by the mall. I got Emma the Happy Meal, since it was princess themed. And we'd get to share a drink that way. French fries are still not appetizing to me. Emma did eat her whole dinner (amazing), all the while waving her Jasmine headband around. And then she chattered all the way home.


The A Team Mom said...

At least she liked any of it! Kait will say she doesn't like it and if I buy it anyway- NEVER wear it. She is picky picky! I love Old Navy!

Becky said...

Uh oh- another slow Wal mart checker? Oh- and after my wal mart trip today, my big complaint about our wal mart is that they are always out of things! I wanted fat free, or even the 1% fat cottage cheese, and there was none to be found- in any brand! They didn't have frozen sliced strawberries (for a recipe I am making), and they discontinued the pre-cooked chicken strips I like to keep in the fridge for my salads (I know it is expensive . . . but so convenient!). Grrr- I had to go to Safeway in addition to Wal Mart after all.

Becky said...

oops- I accidentally posted my comment on your shopping trip post instead of your wal - mart post . . . I am sure you know where I meant to put this comment!

Oh- I also wanted to tell you sorry I missed your candle party today- I would like to look at a catalog. Actually, Jon and I went to Wal-mart for most of the 3 hours of date night (when your party was)- it took longer than we expected!