Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our 1st Trip to the ER

Ok, so when you consider how many black eyes and scrapes and other mishaps that Elizabeth has had, it is truly amazing we've made it this long without a trip to the ER. She can be such an active, rough and tumble kid, after all. And sometimes accident prone.
So here's the story: Wednesday we thought it was time to bunk the girl's twin beds. (You think you know where this is going? Guess again.) The mattress on Emma's bed was layered on top of Elizabeth's bed while Ryan put the pieces together. This made the bed about the same height as the railing. After a while, Elizabeth was put on her bed to get her out of the way. And then when no one was paying attention, she started jumping on her bed. Ker-splat! Her chin met the hardwood floor full on. There was blood and tears and wailing.
Ryan took her to the ER. It was late afternoon, and our doctor office is nearly impossible to get into on the same day. She was the biggest trooper. Once at the ER, she didn't even cry. She held very still, looked where the doctor told her to look, and thanked the doctor for making her feel better when they left. They told Ryan she was the bravest kid they'd ever had. She even asked her dad for a blessing while they were waiting in their room. She's not even 3 yet! Please try to ignore the food on her face. She is very sensitive lately about anyone touching her face.
And here is a look at all 5 stitches. She gets them out tomorrow. She hasn't had a bath during this time, and it's kind of gross. We've had to make due with wet washcloth wipe-downs.

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Cailean said...

We also had our first trip the ER with our second-born! And practically the same thing - falling chin-first onto hardwood floors. However, she just needed some sort of glue. I hope it heals without any scar, although the ER nurses said everyone has some sort of scar on their chin from childhood!