Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Impromptu Rules

Growing up, you always hear rules. Don't put your shoes on the couch. Don't slurp your soup. Say thank you. Don't talk with your mouth full. All these, and many more, I fully expected to pass on to my own children. But I find myself making up rules as we go, sometimes on a daily basis. Ones you wouldn't normally hear. Today, for example, Ryan and I came up with these: #1 No naked dolls at the table (mine). And #2, don't sing at the store (Ryan's).
#1 happened during dinner. There was a Barbie on the window sill next to our table. During dinner, Elizabeth stripped off Barbie's clothes and had her dancing on the table. I decided this wasn't ok, and I didn't want to happen again. Hence, the rule.
#2 was thought up at Walmart. We had to go grocery shopping in anticipation of company. Emma learned at new (very annoying) song today at preschool and was singing it loudly over and over and over and over, ad nauseum. To get her to stop, Ryan made up rule #2. Didn't work very long, but bought 2 minutes relief.
Some other memorable rules we've made up lately are:
1 Don't lick your toes
2 Barbies don't swim (their heads get full of water and can't play again later, so we made up this rule)
3 Don't wear bathing suits outside in April
4 Don't wear princess dresses to church or preschool
5 Don't spit on your sister
6 Don't pour cereal on the floor
7 Don't put balloons on the hot stove
I know there are many more, but I can only remember these. Sometimes it feels completely ludicrous that I even have to say some of these things out loud. I mean, where is their common sense? And then I realize, they don't have any. Parents have to teach it, and apparently, it's a very long process.
I am curious, what are some rules you guys have had to make up?


Natalie said...

I love that post. I love it so much, I'm wanting to post it on my blog to show everyone how funny my friend, Danae, is. You are awesome. I'll try and think of some good rules, but I know they won't hold a candle to yours and Ryan's. Keep them coming!

Brooke said...

We had to make a rule recently,
-No stabbing your sisters doll with a steak knife,
followed by,
-don't ever touch the knives

The A Team Mom said...

~We don't touch poop!

~Wipe, flush, and wash your hands! (Repeat each time child enters bathroom!)

I'm sure I can come up with a few more. Funny!!

Cailean said...

These are sooooo funny! I'm glad you wrote them down. You should continue to keep track of them! We should do the same :) So the one that comes to mind immediately for us is, "No worms at the dinner table." Our oldest adopted a worm from our yard and has it in a little container. :)