Thursday, May 28, 2009

90 degrees

Ryan is away this evening at a school board meeting. I took the two older girls outside to play in the sprinkler to pass the time until bedtime. Elizabeth was wholeheartedly enjoying herself, but it took Emma a little while to get into it. I played and got soaked as well. We attracted the attention of one of the neighbor girls, and she came and played with us for the last 15 minutes or so. Her mom told her not to get too wet. What kind of instructions are those? If you are going to play in the sprinkler, of course you are going to get good and wet. We didn't listen very well.
Elizabeth thought she was hilarious sitting ON the sprinkler.

Mwah ha ha ha. Emma discovered the power to control the spray....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More About Twins

We got to hang out with my friend Tiffany today. Her twins are about 5 weeks old now. Between feedings and naps, this is the only time one of mine were available for pictures with one of hers. I would have liked to do all 4 together, but perhaps at another time. This is Maddie and Kennedy. My biggest baby by Tiffany's biggest. I think Maddie looks like a Sumo wrestler by comparison.
It was so nice to have an adult to talk to today. And Elizabeth loved running crazy with her friend Elijah. They haven't played together much since Tiffany had her twins. Tiffany was kind and had Elizabeth over now and again when I was in those first few weeks post-partum, and now Tiffany feels like having company over again. (But not to venture out herself just yet...) Yay!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tooth Fairy Money

Has anyone ever wondered how the tooth fairies get their money? Emma has. These are a few of the theories she shared with me tonight.

#1 The Thief
"The fairies wait until everyone goes home and then they sneak it out of cash registers!"

#2 Magic
"The fairies change the teeth into money."

#3 The Counterfeiters
"They cut paper into the right size, and then they make the pictures on the computer and print it on the paper."

I think Emma is quite creative.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Emma made her Mothers Day card all by herself. She wrote and spelled this all by herself. It was the best Mothers Day gift! I love to see her progress. I think the second hump of the "M" was written on the paper underneath to protect the hymn book at church.
L-R: Daddy, Mommy (with the crown), Emma
By the way, the purple thing in the corner is the sun, not some amoeba-thing.

Translation: I love you Mom! Do you love me Mom?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The twins at 6 months

I took some pictures of the twins this morning. They are SO adorable. What's fun is they are wearing clothes we bought for Emma, and Elizabeth wore too. And the debate continues: Identical or Fraternal?

Annie is getting very close to sitting up.

How cute is that face?

Annie was really in the mood for posing today, for which I am glad.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes people, they ARE twins

I have a secret. I am a smart-aleck on the inside. I don't know that many people know that about me. I think it's rubbed off from Ryan. I'm going to relate a little story from today at the doctor's office, with my response and my actual thoughts and feelings.

Lady: Oh. Are they twins?
Me: Yes.
My thoughts: No, one is mine, the other is my husband and his girlfriend's baby. Duh.

Lady: Are they boys or girls?
Me: Both girls.
MT: I just like to dress the boys in pink and purple. It's way fun.

Lady: I don't know why I have to wear this mask. I'm not coughing right now.
Me: silence
MT: Please don't take it off! If you have germs, I do NOT want my babies to get them! And go away!

Lady: Did you want a boy?
Me: Um, we like girls.
MT: Shut up! You can send them back if you don't like what you get? Awesome.

Lady: My daughter is having a boy. But only one, you know.
Me: Oh?
MT: Can you not see I'm busy trying to feed and burp my two babies? Ok already!

And then Ryan was asked today if the reason we had twins was due to fertility treatments.
A: None of your business
B: Twins can and do happen spontaneously.

I'm completely amazed at the questions total strangers ask.