Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes people, they ARE twins

I have a secret. I am a smart-aleck on the inside. I don't know that many people know that about me. I think it's rubbed off from Ryan. I'm going to relate a little story from today at the doctor's office, with my response and my actual thoughts and feelings.

Lady: Oh. Are they twins?
Me: Yes.
My thoughts: No, one is mine, the other is my husband and his girlfriend's baby. Duh.

Lady: Are they boys or girls?
Me: Both girls.
MT: I just like to dress the boys in pink and purple. It's way fun.

Lady: I don't know why I have to wear this mask. I'm not coughing right now.
Me: silence
MT: Please don't take it off! If you have germs, I do NOT want my babies to get them! And go away!

Lady: Did you want a boy?
Me: Um, we like girls.
MT: Shut up! You can send them back if you don't like what you get? Awesome.

Lady: My daughter is having a boy. But only one, you know.
Me: Oh?
MT: Can you not see I'm busy trying to feed and burp my two babies? Ok already!

And then Ryan was asked today if the reason we had twins was due to fertility treatments.
A: None of your business
B: Twins can and do happen spontaneously.

I'm completely amazed at the questions total strangers ask.


Natalie said...

It is so crazy what people say!! I love your "thoughts". We would love to Skype with you guys sometime. What works for you? Saturday or an evening sometime??

Tiffanie and Jeff Bodine said...

That would drive me bonkers, having someone ask such redundant questions!!! Of course, I'm sure we've all done it a time or two!

Michael and Blair Kannely said...

ha that's hilarious! I think I'm way too sarcastic but sadly, for me it's all aloud. ha.