Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deep Thoughts From Ryan

In Sunday School last week, there was a discussion about why one shouldn't "cast pearls before swine." Some one's answer was that a pig wouldn't appreciate something as fine as pearls. Ryan leans over to me and gives this insight: "Unless you are Miss Piggy." I can't argue with that.

Christmas Dresses 2008

Here are the annual pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses on the Sunday before the holiday. Elizabeth was stoked that she got to wear Emma's dress, since Emma had outgrown it.
We took pictures of the twins after church, once they were fed and had their diapers changed. Only problem was Maddie was ready for another nap, not pictures.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorating Cookies with the Clauses

Yesterday the Darigold cheese factory hosted cookie decorating with Mrs. Claus. Santa put in an appearance as well. This is a very fun weekend here in town.

This is Emma's pile of sprinkles and goodies, or rather- her cookie. When the girls got home, they picked off all the goodies, licked the frosting all off and then took a couple bites of the cookies.

Santa and Elizabeth. Elizabeth couldn't look at Santa while she was on his lap, and Emma wouldn't even stand by Santa. They love Santa from a distance. I really wanted Emma to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. I'm still not sure what Santa is bringing the girls yet. Since we don't seem to want to talk to Santa in person, perhaps we will be writing a letter to him. I need input!

Santa, Mrs. Claus and a helper.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy? Christmas

For our Christmas cards, I thought I would take a picture of all the girls in front of the Christmas tree in their Christmas dresses. Good idea in theory...

These were some of the better ones. Not quite what I had in mind.

I think a good caption for this picture is: Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men
I think we will need to try again. I just don't know if I have the energy for another episode like this.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Shower and One Month Old!

Yesterday the high school (where Ryan works) threw us a baby shower after their teacher's meeting. It was so nice of them. We are now the proud owners of a double stroller. Hallelujah! I'm stoked about that. Thanks Voc department! And thanks to everyone else who came. And we've already started in on those diapers... Since Ryan has worked here, this is the 3rd set of twins born to members of the faculty. They've all been in the vocational department thus far. But now a member of the math department will be joining in the fun next year. :o)
The cake. I didn't catch it with all the decorations still on it, but you get the general idea. Very pink, right? (Yea, Ryan)

Emma was camera shy yesterday.
Here are some of the attendees in the library. (Whoa, is that food in the library??)
Today the twins are a whole month old. I can't believe we made it. I guess that means that we might survive. There are times I wonder and feel so overwhelmed.
People ask if we think it would be easier to have twins as your first, or if it would be better after you've already had one, or two in our case. Honestly, I can't imagine being a new mother for the first time with twins. I was so scared and neurotic and afraid I was doing something wrong with Emma. Knowing I've (semi-) successfully raised two children past the infant and toddler stages gives me a certain amount of piece of mind. And I know that the sleepless nights and incessant crying will pass. And I know that sometimes babies just cry (thanks for that Emma) and there's not much I can do about it. It's still hard.
On the other hand, having had two kids before the arrival of the twins presents its own challenges. For one thing, there is NO QUIET around here. Elizabeth chatters ALL DAY LONG in an effort to get my attention. And the adage "Sleep when the baby sleeps" doesn't work so well for me. My day still has to start at a particular time to make sure Emma gets off to school, that Elizabeth makes it to the bathroom first thing, etc. And then that potty training seems to wear off a little for a certain member of the family. (No, no, it's not Ryan) It is getting a little better again, so we are hoping that it stays that way.
I've had so many "I'm a bad mother/wife" moments lately. Like when I was feeding one of the babies and I couldn't walk Emma down to the end of the road to the bus stop. I stood at the front window, nursing a baby, watching my poor 5 year old tear up walking away from the house and weeping myself. Or growling at Elizabeth for jostling me as I try to sleep on the couch while bouncing one of the babies in a bouncer. Or letting Elizabeth watch the 2nd full length movie of the day. Or the fact I've vacuumed maybe once since the babies came home. Really, the examples go on and on. The table only needs to be washed every other day, right? And as long as the laundry gets washed, why bother folding it?
Annie and Maddie are getting so big. They are so beautiful and sweet and innocent. I am so invested and wrapped up in all my girls. I love them all so much. As crazy as my life is right now, I wouldn't trade any of it. They are so worth it.