Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Emma-ism

Yesterday we attended a wedding reception. Near the end, the bride shared a dance with her father. Since Emma had been asking lots of questions about the whole wedding thing, we had been discussing temple weddings, cutting the cake, why they get presents, and all that. I mentioned that Emma would get to dance with her dad at her own wedding reception. Emma looked at Ryan and I and said, "Dance with Dad like he's my husband? No, I don't think so."

By the way, Ryan insists she won't get a choice in the matter.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Ryan didn't have meetings at church so early this morning, so we were able to enjoy his presence. (Read into this-- Mommy was able to shower AND blow dry her hair. A very rare occurrence for Sunday mornings.) Here are the girls in their new Easter dresses this morning before church. They are also wearing new sandals!
Ryan and I colored Easter Eggs last night. Shhh... Don't tell the girls. As far as they know, the Easter Bunny brought them and put them in our backyard while we were at church. Church goes from 9 am 'til noon. The girls and I came home from church, had a very healthy lunch of corn dogs, and by that time, poor Elizabeth was so tired and cranky that I had to put her down for her nap. And then Ryan got home. And we still couldn't go search for the eggs. It nearly drove Emma crazy waiting for Elizabeth to finish her TWO HOUR nap. Figures it would be today.... The "Easter Bunny" (aka Dad) hid the hard boiled eggs and the girls found them pretty quickly. The Easter Bunny's helper (aka Mom) was, of course, in charge of the baskets for this morning. And we are going to have a wonderful dinner just as soon as our ham is finished....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

We took a drive yesterday afternoon to find cherry blossoms. And we found some! Ryan took pictures and asked me to post them on our blog for the purpose of making our Rexburg relations green with envy. (Sorry guys) But enjoy the pictures anyway!

Hooray for spring!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Emma's Mermaid Party

Today was Emma's very first birthday party where only friends were invited. I know, I am a little behind, but it just seemed like quite an undertaking. And I was taking advantage of the fact she didn't know any better. As far as she knew, birthdays were largely a family affair. So I tried to make this party a nice one for Emma. She seemed to enjoy it. Oh my, what a cake! This baby took over an hour to frost. It is essentially two cakes. One cake mix was the 8" round and 12 cupcakes, and the other was a 9x13 cut into pieces. It's supposed to be a mermaid, in case you are wondering. Emma wanted it to be Ariel. Thankfully this picture does justice to the hair, since I never did get the frosting to be truly red. It was more of a dark pink with red sprinkles on top.
Group picture of all 11 kids! (L-R Emma, Alyssa, Elizabeth, Audrey, Amerie, Amerie's cousin... can't remember her name, Cynthia, Alex, Ashlynn, Kendra and Danielle) You have to check out the streamers in the background. They are "seaweed" (Emma wanted pink and blue rather than blue and green. Oh well) and have fish attached. The girls and I colored them last night.

The girls are working on their necklaces to take home.

Game Time!

I think this picture gives you an idea of just how mammoth this cake was.

Ah ha! A picture of Mommy!

Here are all the kids devouring all my hard work. :o) At least they thought it tasted good.

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Pictures of Perfection make me Sick and Wicked"

....Which is why you will never find them at our house.
I had actually started composing in my head some sentimental post about how Emma's 5th birthday marks the 5th anniversary of me being a mom. I was going to say something along the lines of I didn't know how invested you really get in your children as a parent. I would do anything for my kids. And you love them so much it hurts, yadda, yadda, yadda. That's all true, but then today happened. Our good week kind of derailed.
Fridays usually go quickly for us. There is story time at the library, followed by play group at the church or at a park, weather permitting. And then I drop Emma off at school, have lunch, put Elizabeth down for a nap and the day is downhill from there. Today wasn't like that.
First off, our power went out last night. So Ryan's alarm didn't work. Thank goodness for an early morning phone call. (Can't believe I'd ever say that, right Dad?) I hadn't slept well last night, having had one of those nights that you just can't find a comfortable spot to just "be." So I was a little slow moving this morning. There was no story time at the library, since our usual librarian was taking the day off. Hence, I had lost the push to get out of the house as quickly. I jumped in the shower around 10 am. When I got out of the shower, but wasn't dressed yet, Emma yells through the door that the other bathroom sink is full of water and won't drain. I tell her to get out of that bathroom and I'll fix it in a minute. I pull on my clothes pretty quickly, wrap my hair in my towel and vacate the warm bathroom. I go in our "master bath" (it's an itty bitty room with a sink and a toilet, but we like it anyway) and find Elizabeth standing on the toilet making (for lack of a better word) soup from liquid hand soap, a little water and toilet paper. The bag my make up sits in has water in it, and most of my make up is on the floor. I say most, since my eye shadow and eyeliner, with a couple of bobby pins, are in the bag of water. And water is splashed on the floor. I'm not real proud of my reaction; I lost it. I started screaming like a maniac, first at Elizabeth and then at Emma for letting her sister do this. Like I said, not one of my finer moments. My kids react exactly like they always do. Emma goes crying to her room and Elizabeth says I'm Sorry and starts smiling at me. I'm so not in the mood for her sunny disposition. And then I start the cleaning process. I take the towels to the laundry room and discover tempura paint on the table. Hm. Those were up high. I know for a fact Elizabeth could not get those down; plus she had been busy making toilet paper soup. So I call Emma out, and she denies it. Telling the truth is not always her strong point. Eventually she admits to it and I clean up the mess on the table while she howls in her room like I mistreat her, which I do not.
I really should know better. I should not take leisurely showers while both children are awake and out of their room. Clearly 8 minutes in, out and dressed is way too long to leave them unattended. That's when Emma cut her own hair, two years ago. Shame on me, I was in the shower. I usually shower during Elizabeth's nap. She can't get into too much trouble locked in her room. Or, I put in a movie, which I forgot to do this morning.
So, for those of you who wonder why I didn't attend play group this morning-- I was cleaning. And in my anger, I said we weren't going to the park as punishment.
And that was my morning. Sadly, the day hasn't been a whole lot better. As my friend Christa says, if everyone is still alive when Daddy comes home, today was successful. I hope so.