Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Today is Elizabeth's 3rd birthday. Here are some pictures for grandparents who were unable to join us today. She said she had a great day and loved talking on the phone to all of you. The girls were making Mickey Mouse ears with the balloons this morning. And making their hair stand up from all the static.
A Happy Meal Lunch, just mom and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth didn't want to look at the camera from this point on. We don't know why. Maybe she just wanted to live in the moment. The Lego Legacy continues.... I used to play Legos with my dad.

Some of the critters we made with the Legos.

Elizabeth chose macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for her birthday dinner. It sure is easy to please her palate.
This is Elizabeth's cake. She picked out the "Funfetti" cake with matching frosting. Except she called the sprinkles, "Sparkles."
Taking it one bite at a time.....


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! I feel bad I didn't realize it was today when I saw her this morning. It looks like she had a fun day.
So i was looking forward to a relaxing evening...until RYAN called to ask me to speak in church on Sunday! Thanks a lot :)

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday little darling. I'm glad you took it easy on yourself. Elizabeth looked like she enjoyed her birthday thoroughly. Funfetti is so yummy! Brooke- I can't wait to hear you speak. I don't think I have before!