Monday, February 17, 2014

Preschool Loving

This morning during breakfast, I pulled up Facebook to read while I ate.  This little gem greeted me:

"Conversation with my 4 year old son, in the bathroom of all places. (Names have been removed to protect the innocent): 

Son - "You know what, Dad?"
Dad - "What?"
Son - "I love 'A' and 'M'. And 'A' loves me."
Dad - "You love both of them and only 'A' loves you back?
Son - "Yes."
Dad - "And what does that mean?"
Son - "That 'A' is Choosing The Right."

('A' and 'M' are girls his age and are also sisters)"

As Annie and Maddie are in his son's preschool class, I had this sneaking suspicion they were discussing my little girls, so I passed the computer over to Ryan for him to peruse.  Ryan wanted to know if I thought it was serious, and if he needed to scare Jaxon.  I said I think Jaxon is ok.  For now.

I guess there was a lot of "loving" discussions going on at preschool last week, with it being Valentine's Day.  

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