Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.

Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate and have been thankful for my washing machine every. single. time. I use it.  I'm glad I have it.  I'm glad it (mostly) works.  But lately, it's been a wee bit temperamental.  Like say you want to do a full load- it "walks."  You try to wash blankets because they've been puked on?  You'd swear the thing was trying to leave the house.  

We bought the washer and dryer set back when we first arrived in town, fresh out of college.  We were actually going to live in a house (happy squeal!) with the capacity to do our own laundry in our own place.  Thanks to the generous gift from Ryan's grandparents, we were able to buy our washer and dryer- the cheapest we could find with a decent capacity.

And how we have used them.  

But it was time to move on.  We went appliance shopping yesterday with all of the President's Day sales.  We've been impressed with Lowe's in the past, but figured we would make sure it was the best deal.

We ended up going with Sears.  AND they would deliver for free the next day.

So I said goodbye to my old friend.
 Swept the floor.
 Then said hello to my new friend.

It's one of those High Efficiency top-loader models.  I like the way the front loaders look, but I've heard they have some issues.  Mildew and not being able to add another "garment" after it has started are not selling points for me.  I have to say, though, this thing looks like it belongs on the Jetsons.  In fact, I think if the kids climbed in, it might take us for a ride into space.  (hehehe)
With the clear top, we have been totally enthralled watching it wash our clothes.  It hold so much more, and I am so glad.

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