Monday, February 3, 2014

Student of the Month

As our family was battling the flu last week, Emma missed some school.  So, I was a little surprised this morning to get a phone call from Emma's teacher this morning.  Emma was chosen to be Student of the Month, but she hadn't been there to get the paper last Thursday (Friday being no school for teacher development day).  There was going to be the Student of the Month assembly at 2:30, in case I would like to be there.  I asked if Mrs. V wanted me to tell Emma, or keep it a secret, and it was decided to surprise Emma.

Emma was very curious about this exchange.  But I refused to give the real reason for the phone call.

Ryan (who got a sub for the last 10 minutes of school), the twins, and I were waiting at the school when Emma arrived for the assembly.  The secret was revealed, and she laughed and rolled her eyes.

The principal and Emma.
 All of the 5th grade Students of the Month.

That's my girl.

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