Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Flu Strikes Again

We've been pretty healthy this year, and I have been very grateful.  But I just knew we wouldn't make it through the whole winter without getting something.

The germs caught up with our family this week.  Very, very early Sunday morning (think middle of the night), Maddie came over to our room to tell us that Annie was throwing up.  (Annie and I did not go to church on Sunday.)  On Monday, Maddie had problems with the "other end."  

Yesterday morning, Emma didn't look particularly chipper, but she wanted to go to Marimba, so I sent her on the bus, and then dropped Elizabeth off at the usual time before depositing the twins at preschool.

I was home all of 25 minutes before I got a call from the school nurse.  Emma wasn't feeling well.  I asked to talk to her- just how bad was she feeling?  If I picked her up, she'd miss the other Wednesday activities, namely SEEK and Activity Days.  Emma was quite sure she needed to come home.

So I changed out of my pj pants and put mascara on, and picked Emma up from school.

20 minutes after we arrived home, I got another call from the school nurse.  Elizabeth wasn't feeling well, and wanted to come home.

Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh.  I laughed when the nurse called the second time.

As it turns out, Elizabeth was moderately sick until just after lunch and was fine again.  Emma was stuck on the toilet for much of the day and night.  

And again today.
You can tell when Emma is really sick.  If she isn't reading, she is truly sick.

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