Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This morning at the dark and cold hour of 5:45 am, the phone rang.  Ryan stumbled downstairs and didn't quite make it in time to get the call.  He brought the phone back up to me so I could check the voicemail.  (I feel relatively certain Ryan will never learn how at this point, although I've tried.)  The message told us that school was delayed two hours due to icy road conditions.  While I do appreciate the automated system that calls us now, rather than trying to remember the number to call their special school closure line, by golly, I do not appreciate the early hour the calls come.  

It's a tad ironic that the call that you can sleep in comes waaaaaaaay before I need to get up on a regular day.

And, just in case you didn't get that call, this sign was out:
That white stuff you see in the picture is actually melting ice, not necessarily snow.  We had quite a lot of freezing rain on top of the half inch of snow, but by the time the elementary school started at 11 am, the roads were fine.

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