Friday, February 7, 2014


This winter has been uber pathetic.  It's been cold and dreary, without the sunshine this area is noted for.  (Where exactly have those 300 days of sunshine a year been??)  So, when winter finally decided to give us a decent snow storm, we were thrilled.  Even though the temperatures were hovering in the upper teens.

After school, we bundled everyone up in their layers of snow gear (minus snow boots for Emma- silly girl grew out of hers... again), and we drove to the temple president's house.  We frequently take evening walks at the 1/4 mile track around their front yard, and they have said that when we finally get a snow storm, they would let us borrow their ATV to drag the kids on sleds.  (When you don't have hills, you have to get creative.)  They made their point of us needing to come use their yard for sledding at least once a month at church, that we decided it would be positively rude of us not to take them up on their offer. :)

We took along our plastic sleds, but ended up using these awesome, brand-new sleds they provided instead.
 First we had all the kids pile onto the two sleds, and then they each had a turn by themselves.
The kids loved it.

After a while, Ryan needed a turn on a sled, so it was my turn to get into the driver's seat.  Wheeeeee!

We spent an hour outside.  At that point, I noticed the kids' cheeks were getting beyond red into dangerous white territory, so we had to go home for hot chocolate and dinner.

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