Thursday, September 2, 2010


Little ones love to imitate. Annie and Maddie were helping me fold laundry that I was trying to get done this morning. I wanted to get through the couple loads of laundry as quickly as possible.

Annie and Maddie also were pulling clothes out of the laundry basket. They would grab an item of clothing, shake it out a couple of times, wad it into a ball and stack it willy-nilly on the floor. When they were done with it, I would grab it myself, fold it nicely and put it in the appropriate stack.

Not to be outdone, Annie and Maddie grabbed my carefully stacked clothes, shook it, wad it up and set it down again.

When finally that game was finished, I started grabbing stacks and putting them into the correct dresser drawers. Partway through, the phone rang. As I was talking on the phone to Elizabeth's principal about yesterday's bus problem (story for another day), I watched the twins destroy the folded laundry. At first, they would grab stacks of clothes and walk them down the hall to drop them on the floor somewhere. Then they decided to stack all the left over clothes on top of one another until we had a big mountain.

When I hung up the phone, I was wondering why I had even tried to fold the laundry while the twins were awake. It's not as if it stays folded in the kids drawers anyway.


Tasha said...

Ahhk! I can kinda relate...Lately Devin has been pulling ALL his clothes out of his drawers. I'm really tempted to put child locks on them.

The A Team Mom said...

Everything we own is wrinkled because I can never get around to folding anything... I got Braden to fold a ton yesterday by giving him xbox playing time. I'm thinking I need to wash and fold a load each day to keep up with it... if I did I think I could make everyone help and put their own stuff away and then maybe I wouldn't always have a mountain.