Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sticky Fingers

I forget sometimes that the twins are tall enough to grab things from the kitchen counters. While I was making Emma and Elizabeth's lunches for school, I could have sworn I cut up an apple to put in. But it was no where to be seen. The twins were also no where to be seen, and they had been in the kitchen just a few seconds ago. Using my deductive reasoning, I figured the two circumstances must be related.

I found them (and what was left of the apple) here:
(Behind the couch)


Bingham Family said...

They are just way too cute to get mad at aren't they!? The "mess of the day" was awsome!

Annie said...

They were hungry,haha!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh how funny that they snuck behind the couch with it!
Thanks for entering my giveaway :-)