Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Way It Often Goes

My morning didn't go quite like I'd planned.  I knew it was going to busy, but nothing we couldn't handle.  Today is set-up day at the fair, and Ryan's FFA chapter is doing a display in the Ag building as usual.  Over the years, Ryan has amassed quite a collection of decorations for the display and it no longer fits in the school pick-up.  I offered to drive what he couldn't fit in the school pick-up, in my minivan.  We could clean out the back (the stroller, emergency kit and other odds and ends) and lay down the rear seats.  I had to be at the school at about 9:30 am, drive the stuff up to the fair, then run to Costco and come home in time for lunch and nap time.  That was the plan.

This morning Maddie had a fever and was a pitiful, crying blob.   At least the twins didn't make a giant mess while I was in the shower.  There was just sadness.

As I was on the home stretch before leaving the house, gathering all the sundry items needed to be away from home with sick kids, my dad called.  We talked about my sick twins as I refilled the wipes box, we talked about Ryans's FFA projects as I got sippy cups, Tylenol and a change of clothing.  Then as I was saying goodbye to my dad on my cell phone, the regular phone rang.  It was a friend returning my call from last night.  I'm afraid I wasn't very chatty.  We agreed it would be better to talk later.

I had hoped Ryan would remember this morning before going to work wrestle the rear of the van into shape.  I'm sure he was alert and awake when I asked him to pull out the giant double stroller and put down the back seats.  It was only 10 pm last night, in our bed with the lights out....  He always remembers our late night conversations.  Especially when he has to get up extra early to make substitute plans for his classes.

Or not.

But hey, I still made it to the school on time with everything in order.  I was introduced to Ryan's FFA kids as they loaded up the back of my minivan, and there was ANOTHER conversation about my youthful appearance.  Seriously, it's getting old.

I felt very official driving on the fairgrounds today.  Yep, I am with the FFA advisor.  But I didn't stay to help set up.  Maddie was clearly not feeling good, and had fallen asleep on the drive up.  I needed to hurry up with my Costco errand and go home. 

On a side note, do you know what's tough about shopping with twins?  You can take 1 child into a public restroom, but 2?  It just doesn't work so well.  I had run out of the house so quickly this morning that I hadn't taken care of a certain kind of business.  By the time I made it home 2 1/2 hours later, the situation was very nearly desperate.  I got the twins out of the car, in the house and made a mad dash down the hall.  The frozen stuff in the back would just have to wait its turn.

And the phone rang.

I was SO not answering that.

The caller ID said the school district, so I called the number back after a minute or so.  Emma had a fever and needed to come home.  Of course.  Back into the car we all went.  I picked up my feverish girl and came back home.  I ran inside the house and got some kind of quick lunch on the table for Annie and Maddie.  It was now nap time and they really should try to eat something before going down.  It's just difficult to get very sad, very tired toddlers to eat.

And the phone rang again.  It was my friend, to see if my day had calmed down yet.

Cue toddlers howling and throwing food on the floor.

I'll get back to you on that.

Before I got off the phone with her, Emma yells out, "I'm THROWING UP!"

(So, I think the answer is "No.")

The first round got the living room rug.  Second round had partially more success getting into the toilet.

I got the twins' diapers changed, and down for a nap, Emma cleaned up, the rug shampoo-ed, a movie on for Emma and it was 1:15.  And I was starving for lunch.

Once I had my lunch, I realized I really should be counting my blessings.  Emma's phone call was perfectly timed.  A little earlier, and I would not have been home.  A little later, and the twins would have been down for their nap.  And the throw up happened while the twins were awake, when it was ok to get out the noisy carpet steam vac.  It also gave me the opportunity to hold Emma on the couch this afternoon and watch this month's favorite movie: Miracle on 34th Street.  (What can I say about that?  It's what she wanted.)


Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

Oh Danae... way to see the silver lining! :) That sounds very similar to our day yesterday - but worse. Thanks for letting me see the silver lining at our home. :)

Bingham Family said...

You are quite amazing!