Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mess of the Day

Dear Mom and Dad,
I really am very sorry for all the messes I made and didn't clean up (or just not as quickly as you would have liked). But your revenge seems a little over the top. As I clean up one mess, the Little Hurricanes make another. You once told me that I would get mine, and I have. You can tell my kids to let up now.
PS Rick and Kim-- I think they have also made up for what Ryan did.

I think I need to rename the blog to the Kannely Mess of the Day. Something tripped in Annie and Maddie's head at their 1 year birthday and I have been scrambling trying to keep up. It isn't working. I am literally following them around, picking up books, kitchen towels and cooking supplies, clothes from their drawers and toys. And ripped up newspaper. And Christmas ornaments. Today they found the tin foil. Incidentally, if anyone cares to know, it doesn't roll up and fit into its box again. And they got the box of raisins off the counter. I'm still puzzled by how they did that one.

And then Elizabeth did this to the toilet paper yesterday. I suppose I should be happy it wasn't all in the toilet or strewn about the bathroom. It just isn't where it is supposed to be.


The A Team Mom said...

sending my sympathy....sorry sorry sorry!

Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

I LOVE how all of your "trouble" posts have both of your little ones together - they are partners in crime, which makes their innocent smiles are even funnier. Good luck!