Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mothers Unite

I was feeling a little over worked this week. Between Monday and Tuesday the girls saw their dad about 30 minutes total. Wednesday brought the grand total to 2 hours. I really need that back up from Ryan in the evening time and it was lacking this week.
So, while I spent a little extra extra special quality time with my kids, I had this idea. I need to start up some kind of "mom union." The following are the demands for all moms:
1. Regular and private bathroom breaks. I don't want to realize at some point during the day that I needed to use the bathroom two hours ago. Somehow I always have one more thing to do before I can run to the bathroom for "just a sec."
2. Private showers every day. No banging on the door, no calling, "Mom!" repeatedly at the door, no dumping the tv remote in the shower while the water is on, and no comments about various parts of my anatomy (such as, "You have a wiggly chest"). And yes, a shower every day.
3. A full night's sleep. Bad dreams, midnight potty breaks, stuffy noses and coughs, and super early morning excitement are not reasons to interrupt my sleep.
4. No verbal abuse. Just because I insist you clean up some of your own messes does not qualify me for Mean Mother of the Year. Promise.
5. Appreciation. There is no laundry/cleaning fairy that inhabits the house while you are at school. And even when you think dinner is nasty because there is a random bit of onion/green pepper/stewed tomato in it, I still cooked you dinner. Most nights I even try to abstain from those bits of grossness for your sake.
6. Pay. As of right now, I pay you. All of your food, clothing, entertainment, medical and housing costs are my responsibility. And I can't remember the last time I bought shoes. Unless you count the $5 I spent on flip flops last spring.
7. Time with your dad. Before you came, I had your dad all to myself. I still like to cuddle with him, or sometimes even talk. Deal with it.
8. My "bubble." There are times I get over-stimulated, and I need to retreat into a no-touching-zone for a little while. That means brushing my hair over my face into a Cousin It-look is off limits.
9. My things to stay put. My keys, my make up, my shoes, and the tv remote all need to stay where I left them. I have a hard enough time remembering things as it is. Besides, the more you move things, the more I blame you for moving things when in fact I have just misplaced it.
10. "I love you"s, hugs and kisses. I can never get too many of those! They will make up for pretty much all of the above.


Dedra said...

well said!

Bridget said...

He he he ... but then you wouldn't be a mom.

Bingham Family said...

Loved this post! I'm in! Are there union fees? Ha Ha

Annie said...

Congratulations, well said!!!

HAve a wonderful weekend.

Natalie said...

I'm totally in.

Tips and Crafts for Moms said...

I think this is amazing!