Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!

Recently our Emma celebrated her 7th birthday. I played the "7 years ago today..." game with myself, reminiscing her birth and the start of parenthood. I was so unprepared! But who can really prepare themselves for a helpless little newborn turning lives upside down? The connection with that little person forms the moment the pregnancy test comes back positive, but really solidifies when you hold your little girl in your arms the first time. What an incredible moment! Emma doesn't know it, but her birthday especially is a time for me to celebrate the "for real" start of our family. I love my husband dearly, but our couplehood would be missing so much without our children. (Although we have days that we fantasize about it.... Can you imagine- naps on Sunday?)
Emma started out her day bright and early, and being so excited, she woke everyone else up in the process. Ryan had picked up a couple of donuts before heading to work and left them on the table for the girls. Then Ryan picked Emma up after school so she didn't have to wait the whole bus ride home before opening presents. She asked for blue frosting. Weird. But I guess we'd already had pink frosting when we had family over last weekend.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Emma is in the process of reading it now.

Annie borrowing the birthday girl's new crown.

After dinner of Pasta Roni Shells in White Cheddar sauce, corn and salad (Emma's choice of food), we had some friends over to help us eat these yummy cupcakes.
I hope you had a great birthday, Emma. We love you so much!


Tasha said...

Happy Birthday!

The A Team Mom said...

Happy Birthday! The blue frosting looks yummy to me... although I will eat frosting of ANY color!

Natalie said...

Emma is so sweet. I love her toothless smile. I hope she had a very happy day! Looks like lots of fun!