Friday, May 14, 2010

Sad But True

A couple of weeks ago I was out doing some shopping and the lady who checked me out of Penneys told me, after looking at my ID (since they check when you use your jcpenny card) that I didn't look older than about 16. I came home a little sad about that. My 10 year high school reunion was last summer, and I still get mistaken for a teenager. Pathetic.

Fast forward to today. I paid babysitters to feed my children dinner while I read at the library. Emma stayed home from school sick today, and frankly, I just needed a little break. While I was reading, a group of 3 teenage boys came in and sat down at the table next to mine. After a while, they were being kind of loud, so I just looked over at them to figure out what was going on. They were playing with a cell phone. And then I went back to my book. A little while later, they left and I gave it no more thought.

As it was nearing time to go home, I put my book in my purse and left the library. On my way to my minivan, I passed those same 3 boys sitting outside.

I heard from their direction, "Hey!"

I looked around, and it appeared they were talking to me. I kept walking.

"Hey!" These boys are nothing if not articulate. They noticed the keys in my hand. "Can we get a ride?"

This asked for a response. "Um, no. Sorry."

"What, your mom won't let you give people rides?"

I choked out, "Nope, she won't."

I had to call Ryan and relate this story to him. It is likely at least one of these kids has/had him for their teacher.

People tell me that when I am old, I will appreciate my youthful appearance. Right now I am just hoping that someday soon, I will stop looking like a teenager. I'm telling you, it's annoying to be stopped in Walmart with two children in tow and pregnant for the 3rd time by a grandma-aged lady asking how old I was. I am old enough that my teacher husband is not going to get in trouble. Promise.


Sarah said...

haha! priceless and great story. i am 22 and still like i am i kind of know what you are going through. when i answer my front door, people ask if my mother is home. when i answer the phone they ask if my parents are around, when i tell them no they ask if i am the babysitter. haha!


Annie said...

OMG, sorry but you make me laugh. I like your post. And don't worry at least you don't have to buy creams and lotions fpr wrinkles or for "age".

Enjoy the weekend.

Tasha said...

I think you take after your mom. I've always thought she has looked really young/great for her age.

Bridget said...

I love it! ha ha ha. I think I still look young...and I do...but I think now I've at least made it to 20. Kids at the driving school no longer think that I am one of them pretending to be in charge.

"What, your mom won't let you give people rides?" ha ha ha. What do you think they'd say if they knew that you were about twice their age? ha ha ha.

Bridget said...

No need for a journal when you have a blog! The journal I pulled out was started in 2000 ... and it's my "current" one. So, yeah, 10 years and I'm about halfway through. I started using it again last year for more spiritual stuff when I read my scriptures. Now that I've fallen off that bandwagon, it lays untouched. :o(. Sigh.

Bingham Family said...

Oh Danae you made me laugh so hard! That is a great story!

Beverly said...

Danae that's awesome! I love your stories. They crack me up!

Becky said...

Great post. I have a friend that is the same way. When she was one of the girls camp leaders she kept getting mistaken for one of the girls - - she was 30- - twice the age of the girls! Even when she was pregnant with her fourth she was getting mistaken for a pregnant teen.