Thursday, May 13, 2010

Signs Your Day Isn't Going Well

In no particular order:
1. 45 minutes into nap time, you get a call from the school nurse saying your daughter has a temp of 102 degrees, and could you please come pick her up? Now?
2. You find a hole in another one of your shirts.
3. Saying goodbye to your husband for 3 days.
4. Finding out that if you forget to set a timer when you cook asparagus, you can really overcook it.
5. Overcooked asparagus does not feel nice when stepped on with bare feet.
6. Having had to wake up your twins from their nap, they spend the rest of the day crying off and on. Between the two of them, someone is almost always "on."
7. Even though you rented a kid-friendly movie to watch as a family (and it wasn't even animated!), you can't watch it with your kids. The ones who want to watch it can't hear it over the crying, so you move out of the room with the criers.
8. Did I mention your husband isn't coming home tonight?
9. You pick up your iPod for music to rock out to while you finally clean the kitchen (after you put the kids in bed), only to realize one of the children found it and played games on it, and left it on. Now the battery is dead.
10. It's after bedtime, and you still haven't unloaded the dishwasher of yesterday's dishes.


Bridget said...

Hang in there!

Heidi E said...

I hope they are all little angels for you today :) and that the little ones take extra long naps for you too!!

Annie said...

At least for me, when I have one of those days, the next day is wonderful.

Hang in there!!