Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emma's Tea Party

Emma wanted a tea party for her birthday party. Here are a few pictures from the big event yesterday. I borrowed some decorations from Natalie. I love the giant tea cups. I decorated the entertainment center and the hutch by the kitchen table in keeping with the tea party theme.
Emma's cupcakes.
The party favors/craft project. The feathers are actually feather boas.
First off, we had the girls decorate their crowns with foam stickers.
Our pretty princesses: Elizabeth, Kendra, Amerie and Emma.
Food for their lunch "tea." I had fun with cookie cutters.... Even with the cheese.
And finally the cupcakes.


Natalie said...

So fun! I love the picture of the girls where Emma has her arm around everyone reaching to Elizabeth. So precious. I love how the cheese and sandwiches turned out with the cookie cutter idea. What a fun birthday week Emma's had!

Tiffanie and Jeff Bodine said...

Wow, happy birthday Emma!! Your tea party was simply precious!