Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Ok, we were way past time in getting our family pictures taken. The twins are 7 months old... And the last time we had family pictures taken was November of '07. Yikes.
Thanks to my friend Natalie (creator of the fairy pictures of Emma and Elizabeth), we have rectified our lack of pictures. I went a little crazy uploading pictures, but trust me, there were a lot of great shots to choose from. So a great big shout out to Natalie, and to everyone else: Enjoy!


Maddie and Annie

The kids revolting. "Enough pictures already!"




Cailean said...

Goodness gracious - gorgeous!!!! Wonderful!!! Those are fantastic shots that will last you another two years :) I've taken photos of some families in our ward and I know it's no easy task to get lots of kids to look at the camera!!!

Jillian said...

Emma looks like a perfect mix of you both...mainly I was shocked at how old she is, but it makes sense--really--since Zac will be six this summer.

You're blessed with such beautiful daughters.

Heidi E said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Your girls look so cute! I love the little bed with them all sitting together revolting! :)

Tasha said...

Wow these are fantastic!

Ellerbeck Family News said...

What darling pictures and girls. Your babies are growing so fast--
the pictures are just treasures-
If in the area-come visit
Jeanne E.

Woodrich Family said...

What beautiful girls you have!! I can't believe how big the twins are. It just isn't fair, is it?

Michael and Blair Kannely said...

Oh my goodness! Your family is SO cute! AH! I can't wait to see all of you again!

The A Team Mom said...

OH I love them all! These are wonderful! Natalie did a great job. My favorite is the first one with everyone so close!