Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grandpa Camp

While Ryan and I were gone, our girls attended "Grandpa Camp." They spent a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house with their cousins. They had such a fun time and didn't want to come home. Grandpa with all his granddaughters at Grandpa Camp. We seem to like girls in this family. The girls all had matching pink camp shirts.
Before we went home, we stopped to see my grandparents. Sometimes Emma and Elizabeth get a little confused, as they have so many grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa Nissen, Grandma Skip, Grandma Charlene and Grandpa Kenny, Grandma and Grandpa Kannely, Grandpa Fitzgibbons and Nana. Whew! I think it's great that they have so many who love them. Thanks for letting bring our circus for visits.

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Natalie said...

Great pictures.I can't believe how big Annie and Maddie are getting. They are adorable!!