Monday, August 23, 2010

Seriously, how old do I look?

Tonight we attended the start of the year staff party for the high school. And once again, my age (or lack of looking like it) came up in conversation. And not once, but twice.

The first was when I met Ryan's new principal for the first time. He examined our brood (for they were all there eating hot dogs), asked their ages, how long we've been married and then asked my age too.

To be fair, Dr. S asked Ryan's age as well.

Later, some of the high school aged kids brought up how youthful I looked. Ryan thought it was a good time to bring up the following story.

6 years ago was Ryan's first year teaching, and no one had really met me yet. One day after school I was walking down the school hall with Ryan, holding his hand and watching an 18-month-old Emma running down the halls. Mr. Shearer (another teacher) saw us and did a double take.

"It's ok," Ryan quipped. "She doesn't attend school here. She goes to Zillah High School." (That's another school about 20 minutes from here.)

And we kept walking.

I turned to Ryan and asked, "Are you going to tell him you're joking??"

"Nah. I'll tell him tomorrow."

Everyone laughed at Ryan's story. I just squirmed while they evaluated how not-old I look. One or two of those high school kids thought I looked their age. I look at them and think they look like babies.

So..... I look like a baby too? Sigh.


Bridget said...

Zillah High. Ha ha ha!

Annie said...

OMG, thanks for the laugh, sorry.

Lani said...

Great story! And, girl, appreciate looking young. Seriously, its a gift:)

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