Sunday, April 20, 2014


We were invited to attend church with my in-laws this morning at 9 am.  But, as all the bedrooms were already being used, and it's a 80 minute drive to my in-laws, we opted to attend our own church meeting.  Sleep is precious.  Kim told us we could sleep on the living room floor, but..... like I said before, sleep is precious.

Here are the girls in their pretty (not new) dresses.
 After sacrament meeting (which was huge- seriously, the attendance was abnormally large), we came home to change clothes, frost cupcakes, and head to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 I have super amazing frosting skills, don't I?  Practically professional.


The Easter Bunny had been by, and the kids were stoked to hunt for eggs.  They were let out of the house according to age, so Simon went first, and Emma went last.
 The cousins decided it was only worth picking up the plastic eggs filled with candy, so we came home with at least 4 dozen hard boiled eggs.  Luckily, there were some plastic eggs for my girls too.

Elizabeth and Emma were really nice big sisters, and shared eggs with their smaller sisters.
 And then ate, and ate, and ate.  It's not really Easter without no room for real food, am I right?
 Amy's face totally cracks me up.  Enough candy yet there Amy?
 "Do they see us?  Can we eat another piece?" -Simon
 Weird picture of me.
 Nicer picture of Ryan and me, and photo bombing Elizabeth.
 It was a pretty warm day.  By the time the kids got the chocolate, it had been in the sun for a while.  We tried eating some of those chocolate eggs out of the wrapper, but.... well...

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