Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Stork?

With the babies coming, questions have been coming up from the girls. The latest has been, "How do the babies come out?" (Does anyone else feel like squirming when these questions come up?) Hm, how can I be somewhat accurate, but age appropriate? Anything I say is liable to come up again around other people. And believe me, many things have. There was one time at church.... which led to a discussion that personal things can be discussed at home but not elsewhere. So, back to the original question. I said that babies come out in a "special place" and when Mommy is at the hospital. And now, Elizabeth goes around tugging at her underwear or diaper (depends on the moment), saying, "My babies are coming out!"


The A Team Mom said...

Thanks for the great laugh!! When Kait was born Braden always said "she popped out" then when Ryan was born both kids still said that. BUT they did not really get that now that they are older. They wanted to know why I didn't get hurt. =) So I had to explain some of it as well. I still think I would stick with the "popped out" theory though! Much simplier!

Becky said...

So funny. I always cringed when Cynthia would pat my front and loudly say- this is your milk!