Sunday, May 25, 2008

"A Clean Gown Has Not 5 Minutes Wear"

Oh my, what a weekend so far. It seems to be quite a messy one. This happened in the bath Friday night. Ryan was reading in the bathroom, with the shower doors closed when the girls discovered my shaving cream. My shaving cream is no more. I imagine Emma was the mastermind behind this one, as the shaving foam was on Emma's hands and all over Elizabeth's body. I can't believe Ryan let this happen. Such a thing would never happen on my watch. (And if you really believe that, please refer to my previous posts....) After they were discovered, Elizabeth turned around and got Emma in the face with shaving cream. We turned on the shower and sprayed the girls down none-too-gently, in hopes of not encouraging this behavior.
And then today, we had another mess. This picture of Elizabeth's shoes was the only picture I cared to take. After dinner tonight, we decided to make cookies. As Ryan and I were deciding what kind to make, Emma mysteriously disappeared, except we were too involved in the cookie debate to notice. After a little while, Emma came into the kitchen saying that she got lotion on her clothes.
I asked, "How did that happen?"
"I was using the lotion," she replied.
"Which lotion, and why were you using it?"
"The white lotion," she innocently explained.
"And why were you using it?"
"Um, I don't know. It just dropped."
So I went down to my room, and lo and behold, there was lotion on the floor, my bed foot board, my sheets (I didn't make the bed today-- it was a nap day), both pillows, Elizabeth church shoes (how did they get in there?) and Emma's clothes that she was wearing.
Ryan asked her if she did it. Emma denied it. We then tried to remember where Elizabeth was before we take action. I was pretty sure Elizabeth was in the kitchen the whole time, so it must have been Emma.
Ryan started, "Why did you put lotion all over?"
Emma: "I didn't do it."
Ryan, "I don't want you lying to me. Did you do it?"
Emma again said, "I didn't do it."
"Your sister was in the kitchen. You will be in trouble if you are lying to me. Did you do it?"
Small voice, "Yes."
"And why did you put lotion everywhere?"
"I was decorating it."
So Emma got to sit on her bed, while Ryan answered the phone and had probably the longest phone conversation with my dad. And I cleaned up. Oh well, it was time to wash the bedding.
Oh, and did I mention that spray detangler squirted on a hardwood floor makes the floor very slippery?
*The title comes from a quote from "Northanger Abbey"


Tasha said...

Haha oh my! Thanks for the laugh. :)

The A Team Mom said...

I would laugh except really I am relieved because Kaitlin acts like this all the time too. She gets into everything. The other day she poured the contents of two different bottles of hair stuff (one was an expensive volumizer from the salon! and the other just a cheap spray gel) but I loved them both and now they are gone. She also took a dark purple marker and colored on the walls down the hall, on the doors, in her room, sometimes dots other times circles. Then she tried to clean it up with a washcloth so purple smear everywher. Everyday is something new. It is frustrating!