Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cooking With Mom

Last night as a part of Family Home Evening I made brownie bites with Emma and Elizabeth while Ryan took a turn feeding babies. The girls really LOVE cooking with mom. I don't know about any of you other moms out there, but this is one of those activities that I both enjoy and makes me cringe at the same time. Can anyone say MESSY? And you really never know how the recipe will turn out with the exacting measurements of 5 and 3-yr-olds. Even when I do the measuring, getting all of the ingredients into the bowl can be tricky with little helping hands.

Elizabeth calls the spatula a "shovel." Every time I bake, she wants to "lick the shovel" which leaves Emma with the bowl and/or other baking utensils.
I took a couple of the left-over brownie bites to Bachelor Nite. Hello girls-night!


Cailean said...

You described it perfectly - it's fun but it can be really difficult too. I've learned adding salt is a mommy job because when they only get some in the bowl, how do you add more without oversalting? Eggs are crazy too. But, I remember making cookies with my mom so I clench my teeth and grin :)

Tasha said...

I watched the bachelor last night...drama drama drama! I don't know why that show is my guilty pleasure...haha :)

Natalie said...

Too fun! I love the picture of Elizabeth licking the shovel.

Becky said...

Nerf wars and letting your girls cook with you . . . can you say FUN MOM!!!

I really miss watching the bachelor with you guys!!