Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fashion of Miss Elizabeth

We have a pink hula skirt that Elizabeth wears on her head and calls it her hair. She loves to have pink hair. I think maybe it is time to retire some of our dress-up dresses like this one. There is a slight problem with the waist-line, or lack of one. Forgive the shot of her pretty pink underwear. She thought she was beautiful and wanted a picture taken.
I keep socks that haven't been matched, or just don't have matches in the bottom of the laundry basket. Elizabeth took it upon herself to wear the equivilent of about 5 or 6 pairs yesterday. It was too funny not to take a picture.

And then today she did it again.


Natalie said...

That is good she can find a use for those crazy loner socks. I hate when they gather at the bottom and form a mob. When two socks go in how can only one come out? Puzzling. I think Elizabeth has great style- love the pink hair.

Cailean said...

Isn't it funny how girls like to put something long-ish on their heads and instantly think they have long beautiful hair? We do that around here with towels and shirts...:)