Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hidden Treasures

For some strange reason, our VCR isn't working very well lately. It couldn't be the spoons, binkies, DVDs, pennies and pencils I periodically have to dig out of there, or could it?
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Natalie said...

We've pulled 8 pencils out of our piano in the past month!

Bridget said...

The worst for me was having our mechanic give me an envelope full of change that our son had stuffed into our car cd player. We don't keep change in our ashtrays anymore.

The A Team Mom said...

Do you need a spare? I have a TV that has a built in VCR that I am going to have leave my house... would you like it at yours? It originated from my parents first RV. =)

Annie said...

Haha, at least have fun doing things like that, right.

Have a nice weekend.