Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

Judging from the excitement level in our home on Friday, Christmas had to be getting close.  Very, very close.  Hard upon our heels.  Drawing very near.  Nearly upon us.  (You get the picture.)

We were invited back to James and Tiffany's for a Christmas Eve dinner of homemade tamales, Spanish rice and beans.  There were enough relatives that they said our family of 6 would blend right in.  I counted about 30 people at their house for dinner. 
 All the kids ate at the table, and the adults found places on the floor in the dining and living rooms.  It was zoo-like (truly- the kids were playing zoo in one of the bedrooms at one point) and festive, and we were glad to be part of the happy group.
 After dinner, but before dessert, we had our Nativity play.  The kids were either animals, shepherds or angels.  Emma was a speaking cow, and Elizabeth was a speaking sheep.  (Very authentic, I'm sure.)  Ryan was the narrator, and I was the speaking angel.  Annie and Maddie had non-speaking, running-around-crazy angel parts.  (Again, I'm sure very authentic.)  But the message was there, and everyone was able to participate.

Then it was time to go home.  Annie and Maddie went to bed nicely, but the other two were too keyed up for us to think about trying to get them to stay in their beds.  I dimmed the lights, and plugged in White Christmas for us all to watch until those eyelids got droopy.
 Elizabeth made sure we put out cookies and milk for Santa, and Emma wanted carrots left for the reindeer too.   And the kids did not get out of their beds at all.  It was a Christmas miracle! :)
We must have been good this year- not a single lump of coal!  Merry Christmas!

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