Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Unroll the Fun

Monday morning rolls around once again, and it finds me making the attempt to leave the house.  This leaves the house very vulnerable with Mommy's attention focused on surperfluous things like showering or blow drying hair.  I was hoping that decorating the living room with all the wet wipes while I was in the shower would be sufficient entertainment for one morning.


Annie comes down the hall saying, "Bum bum" and finds me in my bathroom.  Her diaper is MIA.  Then she pointed to the toilet and said, "Potty."  She only does this when I am trying to leave the house.  Honestly.  So I set her up in the hall bathroom with the toddler potty seat, and hung out for a few minutes waiting for the sounds of success.  They were not forthcoming.  So I went back to my bathroom to finish up my morning routine.

I came back 3 minutes later to find Maddie keeping Annie company in the bathroom, and the roll of toilet paper massacred and left in several piles.

So I am faced with a dilemma- do I "do away with" the roll that has been left for dead on the floor, or try to salvage what I can of the remaining pieces? 

My family rarely uses those half-hearted re-rolled blobs of toilet paper.

But it was almost a full roll.....


Megan said...

Ha! I have sooooo been there. I tend to re-roll them, but only if I'm putting them back in the kids' bathroom. Only the good stuff for my bathroom. ;-)

Natalie said...

I never have success with the re-roll.

Bingham Family said...

Ug! My dad used to just bag it up and make us use it out of the bag.