Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bedtime Prayers

As we were getting the kids ready for bed tonight, Ryan and I knelt down in Annie and Maddie's room for prayer time.  Being four years old, the twins have started wanting to say their prayers without promptings from their parents.  This has made for some very amusing, if slightly irreverent, prayers.  Tonight, Annie went first.

After the opening, Annie started telling Heavenly Father about who loves her.  "Mommy and Daddy wuv me.  Maddie wuvs me.  Jesus wuvs me.  The toilet wuvs me...."  At this, Ryan and I cracked open an eye and looked at each other and try to snicker quietly.  Oh my.  So, maybe telling her that the upstairs toilet "missed her" to get her to go potty one last time before bed was an odd choice.  

Ryan, being closest to Annie, starts to prompt her with, "I'm thankful for..."  

Annie opens her eyes, looks at her dad, and says, "I DO IT."  (More quiet snickering from her mom.)

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