Saturday, June 29, 2013

Manito Park

Wednesday afternoon (after a stop at McDonalds for lunch and potty break for everyone) we drove over to Manito Park in Spokane.  The park is beautiful, and free to enter.  

 Although, seriously, this was the greenest water I have ever seen anywhere.  But we saw a couple of turtles, and the kids loved watching the turtles swim and dodge the ducks.
We wandered by the lilac garden, which was a little past its prime, and then found the rose garden.

(One of those rare, "Look! Mom's in a picture" moments.)

 I thought a collage of some of my favorite flowers would be better than a zillion individual pictures.
Next up was the perennial garden.
 The kids kind of ran out of steam at that point, so we didn't see the rest of Manito Park.  Maybe next time we make it to Spokane we will.  But we found this stone fireplace on the way back to the car.  ("Hey, Mom!  Take my picture here!")

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