Sunday, June 2, 2013

Putting the kids to bed

I tucked in Annie and Maddie first.  Annie said she wanted to give me a butterfly kiss, and instead pig snorted on my cheek.  Maddie thought it was funny, and did the exact same thing, telling me that she would give me a butterfly kiss.  Cheeky kids.

Next I tucked Elizabeth in for the night.  She looked at my face and asked why I had "owies" on my face.  I said they were pimples.  "Why do you get pimples, Mommy?"  "Hormones," I said.  "One day you will get them too."  And sweet dreams....

Next was Emma.  She kissed me and asked me how much longer she could stay up and read.  I said that when she was finished with her book, she could call it a night.  Judging from how many pages were left, that would be about right.  She wasn't even looking at me when I wished her a good night.  Her attention was back in her book.

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Annie and Family said...

Haven't been to your blog for a bit. You are so funny! Its really fun to hear about your "adventures."