Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fair Time

We went to the fair today.  We have to go at least once every year.  Thanks to the free tickets Ryan receives every year for putting up an FFA display, and the parking pass to go with it, we are able to visit the fair for pretty cheap.  If Ryan gets that administration job next year, that may change.  So, we made the most of it.

First up, Ryan's display.  You can't even see the part I did from this angle very well.
 Then there was a surf board photo op, surrounded by lots and lots of plastic bags.  I think the point was to think about recycling your grocery sacks instead of throwing them away, but all I could think of was, "Hey, let's ride the plastic.... wave."

 We checked out the produce displays.  We didn't enter any of our garden produce into this fair, unlike the previous one in August.
 I loved that Emma was posing in front of the fake outhouse.
 It was an amazingly huge pumpkin though.
The kids "milked" the pretend cow.  (Water would squirt out.)
 And we saw the turkeys.  Like we never see any at home....

 The kids barn is always a favorite.

Ryan: "Hey, this is an Ag Teacher car."

 The giant ice cream cones.

 Candy Land.
 The music maker extraordinaire.  This thing is here every. single. year.
This was the first year Emma was on the side lines, instead of banging away with her sisters.  She even complained about how loud it was.  Sniff.  My little girl is growing up!

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