Friday, September 5, 2014

Musical Developments

 With a certain someone starting middle school, it was time to choose an instrument for band.  Emma made the decision at the end of last school year to be in band as her one elective class.  She was disappointed none of her other friends wanted to do band, but this is what Emma wants to do.

Wednesday evening, we went to the Ted Brown instrument night, and picked up a used clarinet to rent.  It looks brand new.
Emma immediately put it together and started squeaking practicing.
She played, and played, and played, figuring out the fingering as she went.  Her band teacher had shown them some notes on the instrument at school, and she found the fingering chart in her band book.
Today after school, Emma found me in my bedroom cleaning and organizing.  (This is the story of my life right now.  And let me tell you, it goes so much faster and easier when I clean and organize in an otherwise empty house.)  I had music playing, and I was in a groove.  Emma brought up her clarinet and proceeded to squeak serenade me with songs from the first two pages of her band music book.  At first I just sighed and turned off my iPod.  But then I realized my middle-schooler likes me, and she was really eager to show off her budding musical skills, and I should be appreciating it.

And I did.

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