Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween

Spending Halloween at someone else's house makes for a crazy afternoon and evening.  But even still, we spent the evening with Ryan's parents and that was fun.  We've never done that before.  Our ward did their trunk or treat Saturday, and Rick and Kim's did their on Halloween.  They invited us up and since we didn't have any other plans, we went.  I picked Emma and Elizabeth up from school, where we quickly did as much of their costuming as possible: Emma's makeup, braiding Emma's hair, and Elizabeth's makeup.  We discovered that just using a hairnet under the pink wig wasn't enough to take care of the bulge that is Emma's thick hair.  So I did a couple of french braids with the ends bobby pinned out of the way, and that worked a lot better.  Then we made sure we had candy, the rest of the costumes, and headed out to pick up Annie and Maddie from school.  Once we captured them, we drove down to Ryan's school and picked him up before hitting the road to Royal City.

Once we arrived at Rick and Kim's, it was time to put on the twins costumes, help Emma into her wig and freshen her makeup, paint Annie's nose black and we were ready to go.
 Caitlin and her girls came too, with Leonard and his daughter.
 Emma chose not to wear the pink shoes again.
After gathering way more candy than we would ever need, we went back to Rick and Kim's for a tamale dinner and watched Hocus Pocus until it was time to head home again.

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