Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trunk or Treat

Our church Trunk or Treat was yesterday.  The kids were super excited about their costume.  I think Emma was the last one to decide what she was going to be, with Annie choosing first.  Annie knew she wanted to be an Ewok months ago, and Maddie liked the idea of staying with the Star Wars theme.  
 SCOTT STERLING (and yes, you have to yell SCOTT STERLING whenever you say the name), Ewok, Princess Leia, and Jem.
 Maddie is wearing a white bedsheet that I cut into a dress.  I sewed two side seems, and it was done.  Well, done-ish.  I didn't even have a pattern.
 I could not for the life of me find brown sweats anywhere.  So Annie was a grey Ewok.  But a very, very cute Ewok.  Again, I had no pattern at all for the head scarf thing.
 I felt sort of bad painting bruises on Elizabeth's face, and blacking out her tooth.  Emma offered to give her real bruises, but Elizabeth wouldn't go for that offer.  The kindness between sisters never ceases to amaze me.
 And Jem from Jem and the Holograms.  The kids found the old '80s cartoon on Netflix and thought it was great.  I'm pretty sure the '80s threw up pink and Jem was born.  Emma thought it would be an amazing costume for Halloween, and she was right.  This was her second choice, but I couldn't find any Halloween footed pajamas so she could be the Studio C's Kyle at Halloween.  People at church couldn't get over how grown up she looked.  And Emma discovered the painful joy of "cute" shoes.
 Ryan and I handed out candy from the back of his pickup.  This was the first year I let the kids do the loop on their own.  I've always walked with Annie and Maddie.  I was a little sad they are big enough to go without me, but it was nice to sit by Ryan and hand out the candy for the first time ever.
 Found more good uses for the left over pumpkins from our house.
 The carnival was scaled way, way back from its usual size.  Some people were a little upset about it, but overall, I think it was a good way to go.  There was a prize walk, and that was about it.

Maddie, Elijah, and Elizabeth, with Tiffany calling out the numbers.
 Job, Sarah, Annie, Kaylee and Evey.
 Emma and Kendra.
 Ryan dug out that nasty old mullet wig again.  Gross.
 Maddie, Annie, Kennedy, and Salem.
 After the trunk or treat, Emma would not put her shoes back on.  Said they gave her blisters.
And here's who was left when it was time to clean up:

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