Thursday, October 20, 2016

Adventures in canning

Made applesauce, and pickled onions and peppers today.  I'm just slowly trying to get through some of our produce.  There is no way I'm going to use up all of the onions and peppers we grew.  It was by chance that I started making the relish.  I ran out of cucumbers one day while canning pickles, and decided to pickle onions and peppers with the rest of the pickle juice.  They were really yummy on sandwiches.  So I am purposefully making more.  We grew some lunchbox peppers (the small sweet ones), sweet peppers, the banana peppers which were not at all spicy this year, lots of onions, and cayenne.  Those are quite spicy.  I only put one cayenne pepper in those quart jars, and I leave it in one or two pieces, just to give some spiciness to the relish.

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